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Desktop PCs with Windows 10

Desktop computers do offer the best processor and graphics performance over a laptop or mobile device, and they don’t have to be big and bulky any more. Manufacturers have a huge range of small form factor (SFF) PCs to chose from, with Intel themselves producing the Intel NUC which is a 4×4-inch mini PC boasting all of the performance of a standard desktop PC but mounts easily to the back of your monitor taking up no extra space on the floor or your desk. They even have options that don’t require a fan, so if you work in a dusty environment, this is ideal to prevent your computer from clogging up with dust and overheating.

Where space isn’t as much of an issue, the typical affordable desktop PC available at the moment is around 10cm wide × 30cm deep × 35cm high, so will fit into your desk space easily without intrusion, whilst providing you with the performance you need to work quickly and efficiently.

We partner with Lenovo, Dell and HP to be able to supply a wide range of readily available computers ideal for everyday business needs.

Custom built PCs

Sometimes the standard pre-built computers aren’t suitable for your needs. If you work in design or engineering using specialist CAD software or Adobe Creative Cloud, you need a more powerful processor, extra graphics resources and RAM so your computer can keep up with you. We can custom build your computer from the ground up to provide you with a system more than capable of handling even the most demanding of tasks.