K Lowther & Co Ltd

Website design and hosting services

In an internet driven world a good website is so important for any business. It needs to be attractive, fast, usable and easy for your customers to find. We’ve been helping customers build an online presence for many years, and our in house design and development staff can help create a truly beautiful and functional website for your business.

We can even help revamp or manage your existing website for you, including making changes to content or adding new and improved functionality. Give us a call on 0161 480 7385 now to discuss your website requirements.

Website Hosting

Website hosting doesn’t have to be complicated. Our packages start from £5.00 per month and are fast, secure and fully featured, including a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and automatic daily backup.

We can manage everything for you and help you move your website to our host from any existing host and even manage your domain name records for you to make the move seemless without any downtime.

SEO, Advertising and Social Media

It is incredibly important to get your website to appear in relevant search results, to allow your customers to find your site online and increase traffic. There are several ways to achieve this;

  • Search Engine Optimisation will make sure the content of your site and the behind the scenes are optimised so that Google or other search engines can gather the important details about your website and feed that into its search engine
  • Targeted advertising so that your website pops up when searching for similar terms, or browsing similar websites,
  • Social Media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to get your own name out there and drive potential customers to your own website.

It sounds complicated, but we can help, so give us a call and we can find a solution to improve your online presence and help grow your business.